Rip Cord

A new concept of plug with a three ring design and safety magnets. Together with a new socket to go into a wall outlet with a magnetic safety shutter system. It aims to prevent trip hazards and to remove the worry from parents about their child and electrical outlets.

How it works

When the plug enters the socket, the magnet pulls at the magnet in the socket allowing the sliding shutter to move when the three rings pushes into the shutters. The combination of the Ripcord was designed to meet BS1363 regulations. This is mainly to stop entry into the plug or socket with objects greater than 0.1mm. The safety system of this idea is that a child would need to precisely locate a magnet to release the magnet ring and then slide something inside to open the shutter, a two stage process which is very unlikely.

Problem Brief – Accidental damage.

Develop a product to help reduce accidental damage.