Testing Vibration Motors User feedback

Research – It was identified that knee injuries were the most common form of injury. Knee injuries were most likely to happen during a turn, from either losing balance or catching an edge or where the ski slides out. (One reason why people fall during a turn is having weight on the uphill ski). It was also identified that females were twice as likely to sustain an ACL injury.

Problem Brief – Reduce knee injuries in skiers.

Ideation – Many concepts were produced and one became apparently obvious to help with reducing knee injuries. The concept was a device that could attach to the ski pole or glove to help people use their ski poles correctly, which in turn helps them with balance and posture. If you were to correct their body posture and weight distribution using this device then in theory a fall would be less likely. If you pole plant then your hands will be forward, bringing your weight forward, therefore you should be balanced and your weight will be in the correct place to make the turn and perform the turn smoothly.